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Top Ten Dog Friendly Attractions in Dorset

Posted on 20th May 2024 by Melissa Hawkins
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Planning a getaway to Dorset with your four-legged companion? Dive into a pet-friendly paradise with our guide to the best attractions that cater to both you and your pet. Discover the top-ranking pet-friendly spots in Dorset, ensuring a paw-sitively delightful experience for every member of the family.

1. Durdle Door: Coastal Canine Bliss

Unleash a coastal adventure at Durdle Door, an iconic Dorset landmark that welcomes pets. Stroll along pet-friendly paths and soak in the breathtaking views of the Jurassic Coast. Ensure you maximize your visit by checking seasonal restrictions and plan a tail-wagging day out.

pet friendly durdle door in dorset

2. Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens: Botanical Beauty for Pets

Immerse yourself in the exotic flora of Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, where pets are invited to explore alongside you. Take in the lush landscapes, and let your dog revel in the sensory experience of this pet-friendly botanical haven.

3. Swanage Railway: All Aboard with Fido

Embark on a unique journey with your pet on Swanage Railway. Enjoy nostalgic steam train rides with your dog by your side, taking in scenic countryside views. Stay on track with pet-friendly train schedules to make the most of this one-of-a-kind experience.  There is normally a small charge for taking your dog on the train.  Keep an eye on their website for pets travel free days.

4. Sculpture by the Lakes: Art and Nature Unleashed

Combine culture and nature at Sculpture by the Lakes, an outdoor art gallery set amidst serene landscapes. Dogs are welcome to accompany you on this artistic exploration. Explore the sculptures and winding paths, creating a harmonious blend of art and outdoor enjoyment for you and your furry companion.

5. Sandbanks Beach: Sun, Sand, and Puppy Paws

For beach-loving pets, Sandbanks Beach offers a sun-soaked playground year-round. With its Blue Flag status, this beach provides a safe and enjoyable space for your dog to run, fetch, and frolic in the waves.

6. Corfe Castle: Historic Marvel with Pet-Friendly Charm

Step into history at Corfe Castle, where pets are welcomed to explore alongside you. With its towering ruins and rich history, it’s a must-visit for both history enthusiasts and pet owners.

7. Lulworth Cove: Coastal Paradise for Canines

Ranked for its pet-friendly charm, Lulworth Cove is a picturesque coastal haven. Stroll along the shores with your pet, taking in the stunning landscapes and enjoying the relaxed seaside atmosphere.

8. Moors Valley Country Park and Forest: Woodland Wonders for Wagging Tails

Securely positioned in the top 10, Moors Valley Country Park and Forest offers pet-friendly woodland adventures. Explore scenic trails, breathe in the fresh air, and let your dog revel in the natural beauty.

9. Hardy’s Monument: Panoramic Views for Pets

For panoramic views that include your furry friend, Hardy’s Monument is a top-ranked attraction. A memorial with historical significance, it provides a pet-friendly setting for you and your canine companion to enjoy.

10. Highcliffe Castle: Coastal Elegance and Pet-Friendly Strolls

Closing our top 10, Highcliffe Castle welcomes pets to explore its coastal elegance. Take leisurely strolls through the castle grounds, reveling in the historic charm and breathtaking views.

highcliff castle in dorset open to pets


Pet-Friendly Tips for a Seamless Experience

  • Check the specific pet policies of each attraction for a hassle-free visit.
  • Keep your dog leashed, especially in wildlife-sensitive areas.
  • Pack essentials such as water, snacks, and waste bags for your pet.
  • Respect guidelines and fellow visitors to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Unlock a world of pet-friendly wonders in Dorset. From coastal escapades to cultural discoveries, these top-ranking attractions guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your furry friend. Pack your bags, leash up your pup, and get ready for a pet-friendly journey in Dorset!