Photography & Art

Photography & Art

Our Recommended Photographer: 

Our recommended photographer is Andy Lyons. His career started off by capturing the moments spent working on the lifeboats. You can now purchase Andy’s images as prints, mounted prints or download them in digital format. He is also able to frame the mounted pictures for you.

Click here to view his full gallery. Below are a selection of photographs taken by Andy:

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages
Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

The Owl Pottery Workshop
produce handmade and hand-painted earthenware pottery. Owl designs are one of the most favourite themes along with hand-decorated tiles and ceramic jewellery.

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust
courses have a good reputation for carving freshly quarried Portland Stone. Tout Quarry Sculpture Park began in 1983 and is an inspirational landscape to work in, with the balance of elements, of sea, sky and stone. 

Portland Stone soft enough to carve with very fine detail and yet extremely durable, making it the finest carving stone. Portland Stone is almost pure calcium carbonate which means it is good for health and very safe to work with. The stone carving courses are affordable and provide the best of professional tuition, and designed for all level of skill.

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

Walford Mill Crafts
is a centre for high quality Contemporary Crafts. A beautiful listed mill building on the outskirts of Wimborne Minster, where you can enjoy a wonderful display of Contemporary Crafts from both national and local makers.

There is plenty to see and do whilst visiting Walford Mill Crafts such as visiting The Gallery Shop to look at the handcrafted work, taking part in the craft workshops or grabbing a bite to eat at The Millstream Bistro.

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

Shaftesbury Arts Centre
is a charitable company, run wholly by volunteers drawn from its membership. The centre offers a wide range of activities such as  literature, music, film, radio, arts and craft, drama and dance. As well as all the exciting activities, there are a range of interesting events that also take place at Shaftesbury Arts Centre.

The Centre has recently created a more welcoming space for their visitors by introducing a new lobby to the building. Also, the addition of the downstairs bar which is a pleasant place to stop and enjoy a drink whilst having a chat before performances.

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

Bridport Arts Centre
holds a range of activities suitable for children and families, including weekly workshops during term time, one-off holiday workshops and fabulous theatre performances.

The Allsop Gallery hosts talks, workshops and debates with existing artists.

Photography & Art Dorset Holiday Cottages

New House Pottery offer pottery classes suitable for everyone. Some of their students have been with them for seven years, others have only just started and are learning the basics.

Quite a few students go week by week to build and throw, work in earthenware and stoneware, and make both functional and more experimental pieces. Pottery classes are held on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10:30am – 12:30pm.