Daisy Cottage Corfe Access Statement

Access Statement For Daisy Cottage, Corfe Castle

Assessor:       J. H.

Date Of Assessment:    January 2022

Date Of Reassessment: January 2023


Introduction & General Information:

This property is not suitable for disabled or elderly guests who struggle with stairs and a significant walk from the parking area to the house.


Pre -Arrival:

Arrival & Parking: There are 2 parking spaces behind the garage at Russett Cottage next door. Surface is gravel in the parking area. The path to the front door is stone and uneven and slippery when wet.

There is an EV charger shared with Russett Cottage and this needs to be booked.


Steps: 1 step up into cottage at entrance.

Entrance Doors: Key in safe is for front door . The back door keys are inside the property and there is no access to this door from the carpark


Ground Floor:

Steps: 1 up to kitchen

Door Dimensions: Standard width but some very low

Room Dimensions: See plan on website

First Floor:

Door Dimension: Standard

Room Dimension: See plan on website


Stones are uneven in places and slippery when wet. The small building with the washer/dryer is in the garden and the access is uneven surface


Additional Information:

The bath has an awkward side access and handheld shower only due to restricted head height.