The Perfect Mother’s Day


Hi to the mum’s of the UK. Our special day is approaching, so I got to thinking what would be the best mother’s day I could have?
Firstly I must point out that I am a mother and grandmother. I know that those of you who know me will be saying ‘Never’!! I was a very young mum. After too many years, my daughter finally graced me with two of the most beautiful grandchildren. So of course, my ideal day would be to spend it with all of them. I am lucky enough to live in Dorset;  one of the most beautiful counties in England, so I will not be travelling too far to enjoy a fun packed day with my family. If you want to experience a break with your family, visit our site for some of the most gorgeous cottages, fully equipped for a fun family holiday, (Dorset Cottage Holidays).

Back to my day, where hopefully I will be able to give you some good ideas on treating that special lady in all our lives.

studland beach for mothers day walkI hope to be woken up by my two boisterous grandchildren. Who of course think the only way to wake a sleepy head is to jump on my bed for a little bit of ‘rough and tumble’. Then of course my daughter will come in with a tray of breakfast goodies, garnished with a vase of spring flowers, which I will share with my grandson and granddaughter. The toast will be liberally spread (Elena is good at buttering toast) with butter and a corner missing. It has to be tested by one of them to make sure it is perfect for nanny. After breakfast and a little more play, I will get ready for a morning walk along the beach. I haven’t decided which one as there are so many to choose from. Here’s a few for you to look at.

best place for mothers day mealAfter our refreshing walk we will visit one of my favourite eateries, which my daughter sensibly has pre-booked (hint hint!). Remember, this is a popular day to eat out, so booking ahead is advised. I will leave the choice up to her but perhaps one of these will be on her list. The Pig on the Beach (Studland 0345 225 9494) Morton’s House Hotel (Corfe Castle 01929 480988), The New Inn (Church Knowle 01929 480357), The Old Granary (Wareham 01929 552010) or The Bull & Boat (Swanage 01929 422222).

Suitably rested and fed. The children have fidgeted long enough and it’s now time for my final treat of the day. I have chosen a visit to the world renowned Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Wool near Wareham (01929 462537). A fabulous day out for me and the kids, where you can meet and interact with the 21 species of primates cared for at his wonderful sanctuary. For more choices of activities in and around the Purbecks visit our ‘What’s on’ page and plan your special day.

My perfect day is almost over but of course it’s not all about me. My daughter is a mum and I’m sure that her partner will have planned a lovely evening for her (another hint). So I’ll be babysitting, completing my day, whilst she is wined, dined and relaxed ending what I hope will be her perfect day.