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Studland is a village in the English county of Dorset. It is famous for its beaches and nature reserve. It is located about 2 miles north of the town of Swanage, over a steep chalk ridge, and 3 miles south of the South East Dorset conurbation at Sandbanks, but separated from it by Poole Harbour.

Many of the houses in the village are holiday homes, second homes, or guest houses, and the village’s population varies depending upon the season.

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Enjoy the four miles of unspoilt beaches, ideal for sandcastles. One section of the beach is a designated naturist beach. While you will not find slot machines along this beach, you will find beach huts, water sports and a café.

Since late Victorian times, beach huts have been part of the British seaside. The earliest examples in Studland appeared more than 100 years ago. Around 260 beach huts are dotted along the beach. 50 National Trust beach huts are available for rent. The beach huts are colour coded in order to help you choose the right hut for you. The idea of the colour coded huts is to give you a choice of a more secluded spot among the dunes or a front row seat on the beach.

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Location: Swanage & Studland

  • Holiday Cottages in Studland Dorset Holiday Cottages 6 Sleeps
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  • Holiday Cottages in Studland Dorset Holiday Cottages
  • Holiday Cottages in Studland Dorset Holiday Cottages
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