Corona Virus - Advice For Guests

Updated 10th May 2020

Guests who’s holiday starts before 1st July 2020.

We are truly sorry that this terrible virus has impacted on our guest’s holiday plans.  Dorset is very quiet without you but we are sure to be able to welcome you back soon.  Our phone lines are now closed to allow us to respond to guests booking enquiries in a more timely fashion.

The UK Government has just announced that all holidays that were due to start before the 1st July will not take place.

Your holiday cottage owner has asked if you could firstly check the terms of your cancellation insurance, we will ask you to do this in the first instance.

Please use this form to start the process needed to deal with you holiday. 

Best Wishes from the DCH Team.

Guests who are due to arrive after the 1st July.

Please contact us to pay your balance two weeks prior to your holiday start date.  At this time, we are prioritising those due to arrive within the lock down period, so please bear with us.


Why Can’t I Swap My Booking To Another Cottage?

Your contract and funds are with the owner of the cottage you booked.  They are individually owned and therefore you can’t swap to a different cottage.

Why Cant I Book Any Date In 2021?

To be fair to all guests, we have yo give first refusal on the equivalent week in 2021 to the guests who booked that week in 2020.  Speak to us to check what other weeks might be available.

Why Are You Increasing Prices By 2% For 2021?

This is our normal year on year price increase.

Why Is Dorset Cottage Holidays Not Just Refunding Us?

The booking contract is between the guest and the holiday cottage owner, (please see terms).  Dorset Cottage Holidays only act as Agent on behalf of the owner, charging them a commission to secure your booking.  They have to make any legal decision that relates to the booking.  

Why Is It Taking 7 days to Administer My Cancellation?

We are operating a skeleton crew and dealing with hundreds of emails and phone calls a day.  Please bear with us as we do our best to come back to you.

What’s The Legal Position If I Can Not Go On Holiday?

If you have paid in full and your booking falls within a lock down period, your contract with the owner is in a ‘frustrated’ state (where neither party can complete the contract) and therefore you are entitled to a refund minus any costs the owner had accrued.  UK holidays do not fall under the same legislation as holidays abroad and are not in this instance governed by the package holiday regulations.