Turn New Year Upside Down!


What is it about the dawn of a new year that makes us feel like we have to change? The excesses of Christmas? The promise of longer days, stretching out before us? Or just tradition? For whatever reason you made your annual New Year’s Resolutions here are a few equally viable reasons to break them.

Made a vow to lose weight?

Turn it on it’s head and promise yourself that you will try new foods, visit a swanky restaurant and indulge in food from around the world. Of course in Dorset we have the perfect venues you might like to try. The Castle Inn (Corfe Castle) 01929 480208 and The Old Granary 01929 552010 (Wareham).


Vowed to travel the World?

No need. Dorset’s Jurassic coast has everything you could wish for, with no airport delays, only 2 hours from London and no language barrier (except for a little local dialect which can be easily overcome with hand signals and gesturing.) Stay at one of our gorgeous cottages in the heart of the most beautiful counties in England and fall in love with our fair land all over again.

Learn a new language.

Simple. Pick a book by John Barnes (Dorset Poet in Olde Dorset dialect) or Thomas Hardy. Visit all the sites lamented on in beautiful lilting poetry. You’ll be fluent in a week!

Find the One

Don’t give this one up. Searching for our soul mate is a task never to surrender to. If you have already found yours, treat them this Valentines Day to a visit to Dorset and to our ruins at Corfe Castle, voted in the top 10 most romantic ruins and pop in and see me below the Castle. If you’re still looking, visit me anyway – I might be the One.

My New Year’s Resolution was to write this blog on the 1st January, it’s now the 14th – SUCCESS!!!

Make your 2016 New Year Resolution to, make them, break them and have a jolly good year doing it.


Lesley Mitchell (Dorset Cottage Holidays